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05-09-2016..a day full of energy 

05-09-2016 adding to 5..a day full of energy 

Things to Do: It’s a day when you are high and full of energy. Invest your time, money and thoughts into something useful and productive. It’s a day which perfectly fits the proverb, “so as you shall sow, so shall you ripe”. Sow your seeds today to get the fruits later. 

Things to Avoid: Be cautious while investing yourself. Don’t waste any moment as it will not bring anything to you other than regrets. 

Birthday Teaser: Being born on 5th day of September as a Virgo,  you are a great communicator and a fabulous organizer. Even in a chaotic situation, you have ways to organize things and get things back to its place. 

Thought for the Day: Don’t let one mistake of your ruin you. Learn from it today and move ahead forward towards tomorrow.

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02-09-2016…a day of fulfilling dreams

Date: 02-09-2016 adding to 2

Things to Do: It’s a day high on emotional sensitivity and completion of all your dreams. You are highly sensitive towards your dreams and a little push and faith can help you achieve your dream. 

Things to Avoid: Avoid day dreaming today as its a day high on daydreaming, vulnerability to emotional sensitivity and everything that can make you feel high despite making everything low. 

Birthday Teaser: Being born on 2nd day of September, as a Virgo, makes you extraordinarily sensitivity to all the issues. You are the best listener and a best partner, best friend one can have. You take everyone’s problems on your shoulders without thinking twice. You don’t share your thoughts with others very easily. 

Thought of the Day: Life is about picking yourself up when you fall. It’s about learning to smile when smiling feels like the hardest thing you can do. It’s about focusing on what you can do, on what you have, on what is good rather than bad.

By Marisa Donnelly

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01-09-2016…a day to explore new things 

Date: 01-09-2016 adding to 19/1

Things to Do: It’s a wonderful day to plan a holiday, go on an adventure trip or try something which you have never tried. It’s a thumb rule that we cannot experience an unknown beauty till the time we have not experienced it. Everything in this universe is beautiful, it takes just 2 eyes to see the beauty in it. Explore the artist sleeping inside you and get set go! 

Things to Avoid: While exploring yourself, don’t push yourself too hard. It’s you who has to decide the limits for yourself. Be within that boundaries, for your own benefits. 

Birthday Teaser: Being born on 1st of September as a Virgo, makes you strong, diplomatic and a great leader who is born to lead and guide others on their own path. You are a born businessman, who has the ability to work for longer hours without getting tired. 

Thought for the Day: There is no such thing as a failed experiment… 

Only experiments with different outcomes- by Richard Buckminster Fuller