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  • Upcoming Exhibition at Ice Skating Rink from 6th-8th December

    Hello All, I have an exhibition upcoming at Ice Skating Rink, Kolkata from 6th-8th December at Stall No. 60. Come and witness an altogether a new level of science and clairvoyance. Meet me in person for your handwriting analysis, numerology reading and tarot card reading The countdown has begun!!!!!!!!

  • 26-07-2016….A day full of responsibilities

    26-07-2016 adding to a 6….A day when you are highly responsible for your career Things to Do: A highly ambitious day coupled with high responsibilities towards the society in which we live. It’s a day when whatever you are receiving from the society, you are bound to share it with the others those surround you. Things […]

  • 25-07-2016……A day full of exploring opportunities

    25-07-2016 adding to a 5….A day full of exploring opportunities Things to Do: Fantabulous day to work on your long awaited and delayed thoughts by exploring new opportunities for your development which will not only boost your finances but will give booster to your overall growth, career and everything what you have been waiting for long […]

  • 17-07-2016..a day to be with your loved ones

    17-07-2016 adding to 6…A lovely Sunday to be well-spent on your loved ones Things to Do: It’s a day high on to be spent your most awaited Sunday with the persons you love and closed ones. Discuss about yourselves, speak your heart, let them know what you think for them and also know what they think…Plan […]

  • 13-07-2016……A day high on emotional turmoils

    13-07-2016…..adding to 2…….A day high on emotional turmoils Things to Do: A right day to invest and understand for your true inner self. Understand to your heart’s desires, wishes and willingness and for a change, invest your time in that. Be it cleaning year old wardrobe, visiting an old age home or orphanage, JUST DO IT. Not […]

  • 12-07-2016……A day of roller coaster ride

    12-07-2016 adding to 19/1…..Enjoy the roller coaster ride today Things to Do: Enjoy this day with your buddies and best friends. Best day to rejuvenate your friendship days and going back to that old school time when life seemed so complicated but yet it was so simple. A day to revive that inner child within and […]

  • 04-07-2016……A day high on emotional rigidity

    04-07-2016 adding to 2….A day high on emotional rigidity Things to Do: A day which is best if spent with your loved ones showing them your love, affection as well as care. An awesome beginning to spend with you family, spouse, children and everyone else whom you love. Although love is the thing best when felt but at […]

  • 30-06-2016….A day high on creativity with responsibilities and completion

    30-06-2016 adding to 9…A day high on creativity, responsibilities and completion Things to Do: A day high on creativity clubbed with responsibility and completion. A perfect month end day saying whatever has begun will end and every end is beautiful in its own way and every end is the beginning of something new. Things to Avoid: […]

  • 26-06-2016….A materialistic day

    26-06-2016 adding to 5 Things to Do: A day high on materialistic achievements clubbed with high goal setting and fulfilling all your material desires by setting goals for yourself. A day best suited for planning career goals, business growths and anything which requires materialistic achievement. Things to Avoid: Set goals only as per your requirements […]