13-07-2016……A day high on emotional turmoils

13-07-2016…..adding to 2…….A day high on emotional turmoils

Things to Do: A right day to invest and understand for your true inner self. Understand to your heart’s desires, wishes and willingness and for a change, invest your time in that. Be it cleaning year old wardrobe, visiting an old age home or orphanage, JUST DO IT. Not for others but for yourself to yourself a sense of satisfaction.

Things to Avoid: Seldom we don’t understand what is our mind saying and what our heart desires and instead of resolving the dilemma, we prefer to live with the same. But prolonging the same can be injurious to your true self. In doing so, you are hiding your true self from yourself and searching for peace in this noisy world.

Birthday Teaser: Being born on 13th of July, suggests that you are one of a kind person for yourself and in human gene. You are a natural organizer and manager with an eye for detail. You can work hard, long, and conscientiously. As long as you are taking good care of yourself, you have excellent concentration. You have to be careful not to become overworked to the point that you no longer take time to play and smell the roses. Your co-workers recognize your discipline and come to rely upon you.

Thought for the Day: “The smallest of actions is always better than the boldest of intentions.” ~~ Robin Sharma (Book: Who Will Cry When You Die)


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