Few Tips to Analyse your Signature

Do you know your signature can tell a lot of things about you?

Do you know a signature also helps to analyse what kind of person you are to what you project in the society where you live?

A signature is a very important aspect of any person’s life and as you would notice, the signature changes over a period of time and it clearly signifies that it we also evolve over the time period.

In this post I would be sharing a few tips as to how you can analyse any person’s signature and know about them.

  1. The unreadable signature: An unreadable signature tells that the person has a desire to be seen but he/she does not prefer to be noticed or known. The person loves to keep things in private and wishes to keep their true identity unknown. Therefore, it signifies hypocrisy, deceit and intrigue.
  2. The straight line underneath: A straight line underneath the signature indicates family pride, also egotism and a fondness for domineering.
  3. The straight line above: A straight line above the signature may indicate diplomacy.
  4. The curly line: When the underline is showy and a bit curly, it shows that the person loves to seek attention and generally has attention grabbing behaviour.
  5. The zig-zag line: A zig-zag line under the signature reveals that the person has uncertain or indecisive behaviour. The longer the zig-zag line, more unsure the person is about his/her ability.
  6. The smile: A smile shaped underline is a strong indication about the person’s entertaining behaviour.
  7. Mismatch in handwriting and signature: A signature that is completely different from the usual writing shows that the person does not wish to disclose everything about themselves.

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