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15-11-2016 adding to a 8

Today’s Date 15-11-2016 adding to 8….It’s all about balancing your career with your family

Things To Do: The day is high on being sensitive to people around you but more so to being sensible about where you are desired to invest your time. Time is everything which you have everything now and will have forever but NOW is the moment to utilise it. It’s always NOW or NEVER.

Things To Avoid: Care and Career both have same beginnings-be it alphabet or be its roots, ie, heart & mind. To have a good career, you need to take care of yourself as well as your surroundings and to take care, besides having a good heart & mind, you need money which needs a well stable career. So, both things go hand-in-hand. So try not to be over-protective or over-sensitive to anything and any person.

Birthday Teaser: Being born on 15th day of November, you really have very strong attachments towards your family, friends and surroundings. You are a person who is very well grounded  and not only grounded but very sensitive to all kinds of emotions you see around you.

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