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How Numerology Worked?It’s Best Effect! Now with Visible Results!

Hello! Hope everyone is safe and healthy!
So in recent days I have been receiving a lot of queries about how the wonderful science NUMEROLOGY works? What’s the proof that it actually works?
Well to all those people, I proudly say that I have changed my name from Priya Bhartia to Pradhika Bhartia and believe me!! I am quite happy and satisfied with what I am today than I was!
Anyways to add to this by a very recent name change I came across and thought of sharing it with all my loved ones!
While watching Amazon Prime Show, Breathe Season 2, I came across the name Abhishek A Bachchan (earlier, Abhishek Bachchan) which clearly shows that he has modified his Name (Although I am not his consultant).
But here are a few things which I observed in him which changed:

  1. He carried out his character so well that you get lost in the series.
  2. The disassociative personality disorder or multiple personality disorder character requires a lot of emotional and psychological changes while acting and if anybody has seen his previous movies, he would have been the last person to be able to carry out such a sensitive and technical role and which he carried out with such an ease.

Hence with this, I hope I have been able to justify how name change (even slightly) can affect us.

It doesn’t change our destiny rather, it helps us to bring out the best talents hidden in us!!

So what are you waiting for! Get your personalised NUMEROLOGY READING today!

Stay Home! Stay Safe!

Pradhika Bhartia

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26-12-2016 adding to 2

Today’s Date: 26-12-2016 adding to 2

What to Do: Today, being a highly sensitive day, you may discover you have been entertaining unrealistic expectations (though your actual goals may be realistic). If so, the more flexible you are the easier it will be to adapt to changing circumstances and newfound clarity.

What to Avoid: Although the day could feel hectic, and you might need to accept a more realistic point of view, this combination is a positive influence for career. It’s a good night for a social evening, but be aware that you can lack discipline and may get indulged.

Birthday Teaser: You have a good sense of money and a talent for business. Your approach to business is original, creative and daring. You possess sound judgment and need to be in charge of whatever you are doing. You are a good manager and organizer. You have a gift for seeing the larger view, but may neglect the details. You are efficient and can handle large projects, enterprises, or businesses. You are a realist, self-confident, practical, and highly ambitious. Your challenge is to maintain a balance between your material goals and the fundamental human qualities of understanding, compassion and love. Your business life can cause you to become callous and jaded toward others. Do not let the dog-eat-dog attitude become your only means of looking at life. All people have talents and karmic burdens – maintain gratitude for all that you have been given, and share it with others to the extent that you are able.

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25-12-2016…adding to a 19/1

Date: 25-12-2016 adding to a 19/1

What to Do: Its a great day to be lazy and do nothing as this is the only time when you can give your time to “I, ME & MYSELF”. Just be what you are and give yourself some of your time which shall help yourself to move ahead tomorrow. You need to introspect yourself which shall not only help you to get ahead but will give you time to get answers for the most common unanswered questions of whether “I am doing it right?”, “Am I on the right path?”, etc., etc. These questions always remain unanswered in our heart and mind and today is the best day to give yourself these answers and you can even get these answers through our tarot card reading as it shall help you to resolve and get answers to all your unanswered questions

What to Avoid: By thinking over “I, ME & MYSELF” don’t become too self-centered and introspective towards yourself. Introspection about yourself is good but being sarcastic about yourself or others is not good for anyone’s health. So, if you have a tendency to become sarcastic & are prone to self-doubts, then you should get a handwriting analysis done which shall help you to know the main cause of your this problem of being succumbed to self-doubt and low confidence.

Birthday Teaser: You are logical and intellectual in your approach to life. At the same time, you have fine intuition, which, if you are able to listen to, will guide you well through life. You are capable of investigating and researching subjects deeply. Your analytical skills force you to avoid taking anything at face value. This is where you are at your best: using your intellect to ferret out facts and information to deeply understand the matter at hand, and then make sound decisions. You would fare well in the sciences, teaching, philosophy, metaphysics, and psychology.


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15-12-2016 adding to 9

Today’s Date 15-12-2016 adding to a 9 and we are heading closer by 1 day again towards the end of the year

Things To Do: As we are heading towards the closure for the year and a No. 9 in the year marks the ending and completion means that anything which has begun, will come to an end one day. So, lets take a pledge today to live happily today and make make this world a better place to live for us as well as for our upcoming generations.

Things to Avoid: Avoid being too much over-sentimental and sensitized with words. Such things may crash you down emotionally. You can avoid such things by getting a handwriting therapy for yourself which shall make you strong enough to face such situation in your life.

Birthday Teaser: Being born on 15th Day of December, you have the qualities of being a leader and guide others to follow you. You have a charisma within you with the words you speak that people tend to follow you and listen to you. For more detailed information on about your upcoming year, please feel free to contact us here

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15-11-2016 adding to a 8

Today’s Date 15-11-2016 adding to 8….It’s all about balancing your career with your family

Things To Do: The day is high on being sensitive to people around you but more so to being sensible about where you are desired to invest your time. Time is everything which you have everything now and will have forever but NOW is the moment to utilise it. It’s always NOW or NEVER.

Things To Avoid: Care and Career both have same beginnings-be it alphabet or be its roots, ie, heart & mind. To have a good career, you need to take care of yourself as well as your surroundings and to take care, besides having a good heart & mind, you need money which needs a well stable career. So, both things go hand-in-hand. So try not to be over-protective or over-sensitive to anything and any person.

Birthday Teaser: Being born on 15th day of November, you really have very strong attachments towards your family, friends and surroundings. You are a person who is very well grounded  and not only grounded but very sensitive to all kinds of emotions you see around you.

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05-09-2016..a day full of energy 

05-09-2016 adding to 5..a day full of energy 

Things to Do: It’s a day when you are high and full of energy. Invest your time, money and thoughts into something useful and productive. It’s a day which perfectly fits the proverb, “so as you shall sow, so shall you ripe”. Sow your seeds today to get the fruits later. 

Things to Avoid: Be cautious while investing yourself. Don’t waste any moment as it will not bring anything to you other than regrets. 

Birthday Teaser: Being born on 5th day of September as a Virgo,  you are a great communicator and a fabulous organizer. Even in a chaotic situation, you have ways to organize things and get things back to its place. 

Thought for the Day: Don’t let one mistake of your ruin you. Learn from it today and move ahead forward towards tomorrow.

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02-09-2016…a day of fulfilling dreams

Date: 02-09-2016 adding to 2

Things to Do: It’s a day high on emotional sensitivity and completion of all your dreams. You are highly sensitive towards your dreams and a little push and faith can help you achieve your dream. 

Things to Avoid: Avoid day dreaming today as its a day high on daydreaming, vulnerability to emotional sensitivity and everything that can make you feel high despite making everything low. 

Birthday Teaser: Being born on 2nd day of September, as a Virgo, makes you extraordinarily sensitivity to all the issues. You are the best listener and a best partner, best friend one can have. You take everyone’s problems on your shoulders without thinking twice. You don’t share your thoughts with others very easily. 

Thought of the Day: Life is about picking yourself up when you fall. It’s about learning to smile when smiling feels like the hardest thing you can do. It’s about focusing on what you can do, on what you have, on what is good rather than bad.

By Marisa Donnelly

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01-09-2016…a day to explore new things 

Date: 01-09-2016 adding to 19/1

Things to Do: It’s a wonderful day to plan a holiday, go on an adventure trip or try something which you have never tried. It’s a thumb rule that we cannot experience an unknown beauty till the time we have not experienced it. Everything in this universe is beautiful, it takes just 2 eyes to see the beauty in it. Explore the artist sleeping inside you and get set go! 

Things to Avoid: While exploring yourself, don’t push yourself too hard. It’s you who has to decide the limits for yourself. Be within that boundaries, for your own benefits. 

Birthday Teaser: Being born on 1st of September as a Virgo, makes you strong, diplomatic and a great leader who is born to lead and guide others on their own path. You are a born businessman, who has the ability to work for longer hours without getting tired. 

Thought for the Day: There is no such thing as a failed experiment… 

Only experiments with different outcomes- by Richard Buckminster Fuller

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30-08-2016…a day full of fun

Date:30-08-2016 adding to 2

Things to Do: Get packed up yourself to relive yourself and find solace from the hustle and bustle of the busy schedule of yourself. Get indulged with a spa or a steam bath along with a good Thai massage. Enjoy some garden fresh fruits and vegetables and give time to your body. 

Things to Avoid: Don’t divulge yourself into gossip. Gossip is another way of wasting your time and resources. Talk your heart but don’t gossip. There is a very thin line of difference between the two. 

Birthday Teaser: Being born on 30th of August as a Virgo makes you high on creativity. You are a person who not only loves to create but also you complete the things which you have started. You are a perfect blend of creativity, practicality, assurance, friendship, and you are everything that other people need from you. One word for you is PERFECTIONIST! 

Thought for the Day: You don’t have to be everyone’s favorite. Just be your own sunshine.

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29-08-2016….a day of exploring yourself 

Date:19-08-2016 adding to 19/1

Things to Do: Make space for things which you have longing since ages as today is the best day to bring those things to you as they are also awaiting for you. Go shopping, buy gold, diamonds and whatever you want to. 

Things to Avoid: While shopping, don’t get so much carried away that you forget your own limits. Everyone has a limit for such expenses. Don’t turn a shopaholic. Be careful! 

Birthday Teaser: Being born on 29th day of August as a Virgo makes you a rational person who not only understand the practicality but also deals the same with both emotions and logics. 

Thought of the Day: Confidence is not for sale. Carry it with grace always.