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20-06-2016…Highly emotional and intuitive day

20-06-2016 adding to 8….Highly emotional and intuitive day

Things to Do: A day full of emotional sensitivity towards your money. A day when you plan to invest in some safe investments and are not ready to take the risk aggressively. A day when you are very sensitive and can break down easily .

Things to Avoid: Its good to be emotional but beware of people who may take your advantage to their benefit and leave you ‘good for nothing’ thoughts. A day when mischievous people can take benefit out of good people using their emotionally sensitive points as their weakness tool and making it for themselves a weapon.

Birthday Teaser: Being born on 20th day of June, You possess great awareness and can sense the feelings of others, even when they try to hide their inner thoughts. Consequently, you are easily influenced by your environment. You are highly emotional as well, which makes you all the more subject to the changing winds within your surroundings. Your talent lies in your keen insight and your willingness act as an adviser to those who are able to wield power. You operate best as “the power behind the throne”.

Thought for the Day: “Take risks in life…..

If you win, you can lead!

If you lose, you can guide!”-By Swami Vivekananda

So don’t be afraid to take any risk. Either way you gonna win the situation…you can become a king or a king-maker

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