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21-06-2016…a stupendously creative day

21-06-2016 adding to 9

Things to Do: A highly creative day to give beauty and final touch-ups to anything and everything you have been working. A stupendous day making it a wonderful combination of creativity with dedication, completeness, love and commitment. Utilise this day to the utmost.

Things to Avoid: Let go off old grudges to feel the beauty of life and value people..Live your life by your own choice not by others’ choice..Be useful to everyone around but avoid being used.

Birthday Teaser:  You have a social gift. You get along well with others and generally enjoy people immensely. Your imagination is highly charged. It reveals itself in everything you do, from your sparkling conversation to your most prized projects. You are quick witted and can think on your feet. Both your mind and body are vital and seemingly radiating with life. You are talented in writing and verbal skills. You can succeed as an artist, writer, or editor.

Thought for the Day: “Sometimes you have to let things go,

So there is room for better things to come into your life”- Anonymous

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