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22-06-2016…a day high on planning

22-06-2016 adding to 19/1 …A day high on planning

Things to Do: A highly powerful day making you crave for more than what you can achieve and set higher goals for yourself. A day to plan things for future and set things out in place so that everything goes according to plan tomorrow.

Things to Avoid: Planning is one thing and executing is another thing. While planning, don’t forget to put or keep spaces for further modifications and changes. Howsoever, perfect your plan is best, but it still might deviate from its actual purpose. Avoid becoming a rigid soul.

Birthday Teaser:  Being born on 22nd Day of June signifies that you are an organizer, or builder of an institution or business. You have a vision and the capability to materialize it. You possess the capacity for great strength, but conversely you can be deeply afraid of the dimensions of your ambitions. You may secretly feel that nothing will measure up to your original dream. Consequently, you can turn away from your ambitions. This can result in enormous disappointment to you should you sacrifice your dream because of fear of failure.

Thought for the Day: “Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives. Choice, not chance, determines your destiny.” – Aristotle

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