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23-06-2016…. A day high on emotions, sensitivity and intuition

23-06-2016 adding to 2…..A highly emotional, sensitive day powered up by strong intuitive sense

Things to Do: An emotional day charged up with the power of intuitiveness. A day that makes you emotional and sensitive towards your environment and surroundings but also makes you intuitive. Trust your intuition and follow it.

Things to Avoid: Intuition is always correct.The thing is we need to understand the same. Many a times, we misunderstand our intuition with our subconscious mind. Both are different. We have to practice and understand the difference between the two.

Birthday Teaser: You are highly adaptable, which makes change a great deal easier for you than for others. You have an easy way with relationships and generally get along well with most people you meet. You are versatile and talented and there are few things you cannot do. You have a very sharp mind and a fine understanding of the body, which makes careers in medicine or health both possible and rewarding.

Thought for the Day: “There is only so much that you can do

You can do more than you can think

Go out and Do it!!!!”-By Eric Eisenberg

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