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25-06-2016…..A day high on responsibilities and commitments

25-06-2016 adding to 22/4……….Highly responsible day

Things to Do: A day high on responsibilities clubbed with commitments and promises. You shall tend to make promises and take responsibilities of your surroundings very seriously, diligently and responsibly. A day when you will find a new you which is responsible one. Beware of making promises.

Things to Avoid: Make promises which you can fulfill as making a promise is easy, breaking that promise is even simpler but what is difficult is to keep up the promise and fulfill it. If you are making any promise, be sure to accept the challenges and all the cons of it that come along with it.

Birthday Teaser:  Being born on 25th day of the month June as a Cancerian makes you high on taking responsibilities who can’t see anybody in trouble and would like to take up the entire burden on themselves. You strive to make this world a better place to live in, where everybody is happy.

Thought of the Day: “It’s not who you are holds you back;

It’s who you think you are not”-Anonymous

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