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25-12-2016…adding to a 19/1

Date: 25-12-2016 adding to a 19/1

What to Do: Its a great day to be lazy and do nothing as this is the only time when you can give your time to “I, ME & MYSELF”. Just be what you are and give yourself some of your time which shall help yourself to move ahead tomorrow. You need to introspect yourself which shall not only help you to get ahead but will give you time to get answers for the most common unanswered questions of whether “I am doing it right?”, “Am I on the right path?”, etc., etc. These questions always remain unanswered in our heart and mind and today is the best day to give yourself these answers and you can even get these answers through our tarot card reading as it shall help you to resolve and get answers to all your unanswered questions

What to Avoid: By thinking over “I, ME & MYSELF” don’t become too self-centered and introspective towards yourself. Introspection about yourself is good but being sarcastic about yourself or others is not good for anyone’s health. So, if you have a tendency to become sarcastic & are prone to self-doubts, then you should get a handwriting analysis done which shall help you to know the main cause of your this problem of being succumbed to self-doubt and low confidence.

Birthday Teaser: You are logical and intellectual in your approach to life. At the same time, you have fine intuition, which, if you are able to listen to, will guide you well through life. You are capable of investigating and researching subjects deeply. Your analytical skills force you to avoid taking anything at face value. This is where you are at your best: using your intellect to ferret out facts and information to deeply understand the matter at hand, and then make sound decisions. You would fare well in the sciences, teaching, philosophy, metaphysics, and psychology.


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