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How Numerology Worked?It’s Best Effect! Now with Visible Results!

Hello! Hope everyone is safe and healthy!
So in recent days I have been receiving a lot of queries about how the wonderful science NUMEROLOGY works? What’s the proof that it actually works?
Well to all those people, I proudly say that I have changed my name from Priya Bhartia to Pradhika Bhartia and believe me!! I am quite happy and satisfied with what I am today than I was!
Anyways to add to this by a very recent name change I came across and thought of sharing it with all my loved ones!
While watching Amazon Prime Show, Breathe Season 2, I came across the name Abhishek A Bachchan (earlier, Abhishek Bachchan) which clearly shows that he has modified his Name (Although I am not his consultant).
But here are a few things which I observed in him which changed:

  1. He carried out his character so well that you get lost in the series.
  2. The disassociative personality disorder or multiple personality disorder character requires a lot of emotional and psychological changes while acting and if anybody has seen his previous movies, he would have been the last person to be able to carry out such a sensitive and technical role and which he carried out with such an ease.

Hence with this, I hope I have been able to justify how name change (even slightly) can affect us.

It doesn’t change our destiny rather, it helps us to bring out the best talents hidden in us!!

So what are you waiting for! Get your personalised NUMEROLOGY READING today!

Stay Home! Stay Safe!

Pradhika Bhartia

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Help Numerology Posts

15-12-2016 adding to 9

Today’s Date 15-12-2016 adding to a 9 and we are heading closer by 1 day again towards the end of the year

Things To Do: As we are heading towards the closure for the year and a No. 9 in the year marks the ending and completion means that anything which has begun, will come to an end one day. So, lets take a pledge today to live happily today and make make this world a better place to live for us as well as for our upcoming generations.

Things to Avoid: Avoid being too much over-sentimental and sensitized with words. Such things may crash you down emotionally. You can avoid such things by getting a handwriting therapy for yourself which shall make you strong enough to face such situation in your life.

Birthday Teaser: Being born on 15th Day of December, you have the qualities of being a leader and guide others to follow you. You have a charisma within you with the words you speak that people tend to follow you and listen to you. For more detailed information on about your upcoming year, please feel free to contact us here


What is handwriting analysis? How does it help?

What is handwriting analysis? And how does it help in different areas of life?

Handwriting analysis is also known as graphology. It is the science in which a person writes through his mind, sending messages through his finger tips which can be clearly seen and revealed in handwriting of a person.

It is also called a mind writing as it helps to understand the state of mind for a person.

It is a tool that helps you as an individual identify all the problems, be it medical, emotional, psychological or anything and everything. If you are coming for your kids, it helps you to know and analyse that where the problem of a kid lies, concentration issues, focus issues, or anything else.

Handwriting analysis is a alternative medicine tool, which helps you to diagnose any medical issues which can be diagnosed medically or clinically at a later stage.

It is the best tool which can help you to get the best employees for you and retain the best as well. It helps you to identify the most compatible person for a particular position, who may have all the best qualifications, but is not compatible with the company’s work policy and criterion. Such issues, although may get you best candidates in your company but since the employee is not compatible to your work profile, will force him to quit his job soon and the entire training process and cost incurred by the employer to train him and retain him goes in vain. But with the help of handwriting analysis, the company and the employer shall know not only about the candidate but also about his potentials and benefit for the company.

This is the best tool to get the best and suitable match for yourself or if there are issues in your marriage, handwriting therapy can come to your rescue to save a marriage or any relationship. It is the best sorted tool which will work 100% when everything else fails to save any relationship be it partnership, marriage or love-affair.

In case, you are into arranged marriage, handwriting analysis will help you to know that whether the person is suitable for you or not. And, if the person is not suitable, then handwriting therapy shall also help you to make it compatible with your partner as you wish and desire.

Handwriting therapy is a tool which will make you what you want to become without any medicine or drugs or any addictive thing. It will just need 5 mins daily from your end to write at least 1 page every time and “your life is rewritten” as you want it to be.

You want to be a center of attraction anywhere you go……but unable to become one….give yourself 4 months time….

You want to be able to concentrate more…you will be able to do

Wanna be confident…the answer is yes!

Everything and anything you wish to become…..The answer is a YES!

So what are you waiting for……

Get your handwriting analysed today and “rewrite your life with just 5 mins a day”

Help Numerology Posts

09-06-2016….love is in the air

09-06-2016 adding to 6…a day that is filled with love and love is in the air.

Love today: A lovely day to spend with your loved ones, partners and spouses
A lovely day to spend with your loved ones, partners and spouses

Things to Do: A wonderful day to spend with your spouse and love-partners. Get ahead with them, plan for a family, bonding, relationships. Go for a candle light dinner and make them feel that you are still somewhere around them looking after them.

Things to Avoid: In this hustle and bustle of the busy life, somewhere we are all leaving behind our partners. But don’t do this now, as they are the ones who are actually going to be with us in our worst situations.

Thought for the day: In the words of Alexander Smith
“Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition”.


I want to commit suicide. What are the easy ways of committing suicide?

 I want to commit suicide. What are the easy ways of committing suicide? Can I overcome my suicidal tendency?

Committing suicide has got ways, where a person will not feel any sort of pain like: popping up the sleeping pills, drinking some foul smelly drink phenol or a bathroom cleaner. These ways are never going to give anyone pain and are the easiest ways to get rid of the pain which you are facing at present.

But now, I want to ask you, why you want to commit suicide?

Now, don’t answer me..but answer this to yourself.

Yes, you are don’t have the reason to live, so you want to commit suicide and die.

But what if I can give you a multiple of reasons to live and that too happily…

Yes! You read it right.

Please read it carefully and take the right decision- You want to commit suicide for a reason, and you might have attempted it already… but….aren’t you missing on to something?

By committing suicide you will lose your parents, who gave you birth. You will lose your best friend who was there with you in all your mischievous activities, a lovely partner…if he/she is right now not with you, then maybe somewhere that right person is waiting for you, a wonderful life which is ahead of you…these are only a few things which you shall lose by committing suicide.

Now let’s come to a point… can I help you?

I am a handwriting analyst by profession, which is technically called graphology. I would analyse all your problems through handwriting and then with the help of handwriting therapy, we both can conquer the world. Through this therapy, which is no-drug, no-medicine therapy, you would be required to write at least 2 pages every day for 4-months, which I will ask you to write. Only after 20-25 days, you will start feeling huge changes within you.

Now…..why this therapy?

I know and can understand that you want to commit suicide but suicide is not the only way you can get rid of the pain. I have seen many suicide cases which failed miserably and all that was left with the person was guilt, shame and a non-repairable pain for his lifetime.

Suicide is actually a very easy way to run, but let’s face the difficult thing….living life and let’s live life as we want and not as others want from us.

Someone has rightly said in Hindi…….”shaant samudra me kashti to sabhi chala lete hai, lekin asli maza kashti chalane ka to tufano me hi aata hai”, which simply means in English that anyone can do boating in a calm ocean but the real amusement is boating in the high tides.

Give yourself some time and give time also time to heal things.

Life is once..let’s make it a qualitative living and a happy living for both of us and the world.

If you are willing to overcome this suicidal tendency of yours or know any of your loved ones who has this tendency..handwriting therapy can actually cure this tendency if followed properly.

You will fall in love with love….everything would be so bright, colorful, lovely around you…

Let’s make this life a colourful life by just …

“Rewriting your life with only 5 mins a day”