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15-12-2016 adding to 9

Today’s Date 15-12-2016 adding to a 9 and we are heading closer by 1 day again towards the end of the year

Things To Do: As we are heading towards the closure for the year and a No. 9 in the year marks the ending and completion means that anything which has begun, will come to an end one day. So, lets take a pledge today to live happily today and make make this world a better place to live for us as well as for our upcoming generations.

Things to Avoid: Avoid being too much over-sentimental and sensitized with words. Such things may crash you down emotionally. You can avoid such things by getting a handwriting therapy for yourself which shall make you strong enough to face such situation in your life.

Birthday Teaser: Being born on 15th Day of December, you have the qualities of being a leader and guide others to follow you. You have a charisma within you with the words you speak that people tend to follow you and listen to you. For more detailed information on about your upcoming year, please feel free to contact us here

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