How Numerology Worked?It’s Best Effect! Now with Visible Results!

Hello! Hope everyone is safe and healthy!
So in recent days I have been receiving a lot of queries about how the wonderful science NUMEROLOGY works? What’s the proof that it actually works?
Well to all those people, I proudly say that I have changed my name from Priya Bhartia to Pradhika Bhartia and believe me!! I am quite happy and satisfied with what I am today than I was!
Anyways to add to this by a very recent name change I came across and thought of sharing it with all my loved ones!
While watching Amazon Prime Show, Breathe Season 2, I came across the name Abhishek A Bachchan (earlier, Abhishek Bachchan) which clearly shows that he has modified his Name (Although I am not his consultant).
But here are a few things which I observed in him which changed:

  1. He carried out his character so well that you get lost in the series.
  2. The disassociative personality disorder or multiple personality disorder character requires a lot of emotional and psychological changes while acting and if anybody has seen his previous movies, he would have been the last person to be able to carry out such a sensitive and technical role and which he carried out with such an ease.

Hence with this, I hope I have been able to justify how name change (even slightly) can affect us.

It doesn’t change our destiny rather, it helps us to bring out the best talents hidden in us!!

So what are you waiting for! Get your personalised NUMEROLOGY READING today!

Stay Home! Stay Safe!

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