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  • How Numerology Worked?It’s Best Effect! Now with Visible Results!

    Hello! Hope everyone is safe and healthy!So in recent days I have been receiving a lot of queries about how the wonderful science NUMEROLOGY works? What’s the proof that it actually works?Well to all those people, I proudly say that I have changed my name from Priya Bhartia to Pradhika Bhartia and believe me!! I […]

  • Few Tips to Analyse your Signature

    Do you know your signature can tell a lot of things about you? Do you know a signature also helps to analyse what kind of person you are to what you project in the society where you live? A signature is a very important aspect of any person’s life and as you would notice, the […]

  • 26-12-2016 adding to 2

    Today’s Date: 26-12-2016 adding to 2 What to Do: Today, being a highly sensitive day, you may discover you have been entertaining unrealistic expectations (though your actual goals may be realistic). If so, the more flexible you are the easier it will be to adapt to changing circumstances and newfound clarity. What to Avoid: Although the […]

  • 25-12-2016…adding to a 19/1

    Date: 25-12-2016 adding to a 19/1 What to Do: Its a great day to be lazy and do nothing as this is the only time when you can give your time to “I, ME & MYSELF”. Just be what you are and give yourself some of your time which shall help yourself to move ahead […]

  • 15-12-2016 adding to 9

    Today’s Date 15-12-2016 adding to a 9 and we are heading closer by 1 day again towards the end of the year Things To Do: As we are heading towards the closure for the year and a No. 9 in the year marks the ending and completion means that anything which has begun, will come […]

  • Upcoming Exhibition at Ice Skating Rink from 6th-8th December

    Hello All, I have an exhibition upcoming at Ice Skating Rink, Kolkata from 6th-8th December at Stall No. 60. Come and witness an altogether a new level of science and clairvoyance. Meet me in person for your handwriting analysis, numerology reading and tarot card reading The countdown has begun!!!!!!!!

  • 15-11-2016 adding to a 8

    Today’s Date 15-11-2016 adding to 8….It’s all about balancing your career with your family Things To Do: The day is high on being sensitive to people around you but more so to being sensible about where you are desired to invest your time. Time is everything which you have everything now and will have forever […]

  • 05-09-2016..a day full of energy 

    05-09-2016 adding to 5..a day full of energy  Things to Do: It’s a day when you are high and full of energy. Invest your time, money and thoughts into something useful and productive. It’s a day which perfectly fits the proverb, “so as you shall sow, so shall you ripe”. Sow your seeds today to […]

  • 02-09-2016…a day of fulfilling dreams

    Date: 02-09-2016 adding to 2 Things to Do: It’s a day high on emotional sensitivity and completion of all your dreams. You are highly sensitive towards your dreams and a little push and faith can help you achieve your dream.  Things to Avoid: Avoid day dreaming today as its a day high on daydreaming, vulnerability […]

  • 01-09-2016…a day to explore new things 

    Date: 01-09-2016 adding to 19/1 Things to Do: It’s a wonderful day to plan a holiday, go on an adventure trip or try something which you have never tried. It’s a thumb rule that we cannot experience an unknown beauty till the time we have not experienced it. Everything in this universe is beautiful, it […]