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Color Therapy

What is Color therapy?

Color Therapy, as the name says in itself, is a solution in itself. Our mood, society, looks and everything we see and feel is because of the colors that surround us. eg.: when taking a walk in a park, we search for peace and calmness and greenery gives us that peace but how would we feel in a park with dry, black trees? Not good.. Right

In the same manner, the color of our homes, offices, factories, shops all have effect on our mood, performance, socializing energy and everything related to our daily life activities.

By getting color therapy at your place, you channelize all your energy into a positive one, which gives you the desired results.

How does it work?

I visit your office, home, etc personally and after analysing your premises and your requirements, color is suggested.

Energy Exchange Amount

₹4,000/- onwards


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