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Switch Magnitudes

What is Switch Magnitude?

Switch magnitudes are truly a magical combination of some words and numbers that vibrate to a human truth and to our own intuitive knowing. There are specific words that trigger responses from the unconscious which are positive triggers for a person. Switch Magnitudes are positive affirmations that bypass the conscious mind & turn our subconscious mind on like a switch to create more of what u want. E.g.: a better relationship, more peace, creativity or abundance.

It can be used even by a 1-day old baby and a 100-year old aged person. There is no age bar on its uses or age. Any requirement of yours, be it making your naughty kid make eat nutritious food to have a peaceful life, switch magnitudes have something in-store for everyone.

How does Switch Magnitude work?

According to your requirements & needs, I would be giving you a charged up water bottle or a Tiffin box, which you can use on a daily basis. They are charged using your name, date of birth, your requirements and color therapy.

Get into a positive state.

Set your intention for what you want.

Visualising it's already done.

Give advance gratitude to the universe.

LET GO. This is the most important and allows the universe to work for you.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How long does it take to work for the Switch Magnitudes?
A. It completely depends upon your belief & faith system.

Q. How long should I use the water bottle or lunch box?
A. As long as you want.


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