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Past Life Regression Therapy

What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Deep in the subconscious lays the source of our recurrent problems. Much can be known, experienced and healed when we enter an altered state of trance and RELIVE our past lives to RELIEVE us from our present life difficulties. Past life regression therapy helps relieve physical, emotional, relationship and spiritual blocks which may be making our lives miserable. The past life memories arise and once decoded their toxic energy gets released.

In a general parlance, it’s always said that “IN THIS LIFETIME, WE ARE PAYING OFF FOR THE DEEDS WE DID IN OUR PREVIOUS LIVES” which is a wrong myth. In reality, you faced the same issue in your previous lives and the soul is carrying the same experience with itself making our physical being suffer in this lifetime also. Past Life Regression Therapy helps to connect that lifetime from which the current life’s experience is continuing, thereby, programming the soul to release those experiences.

How does it work?

It can be conducted only physical presence. In general, each session lasts for about 3-3.5 hours.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What if I don’t return to current life?
A. The hypnotic state is equivalent to our sleeping state. Just the difference being, in hypnotic state, the person is at a level of focused concentration, whereas, while we sleep, we don’t focus or concentrate. Hypnotic state or trance state can be very well terminated easily and even people in hypnotic state or trance state tend to eat, drink, pee, etc and start off their session after doing these activities.

Q. Will I remember whatever I see in my Past Life?
A. People tend to remember mostly all part but many a times they tend to forget as soon as the session is over. However, we have arrangements, if you require, we can voice record your session solely for your purpose.

Q. Can I take multiple sessions for Past Life?
A. You can take as many sessions as you want.

Q. I want to meet and talk to a close person who passed away recently. Can I do so?
A. We conduct Past Life Regression Therapy for your problems and issues. A person who passed away does not come in this arena and it’s not possible from our end to do so.

Q. How can I know whether what I am saying is my Past Life memory or something that I am making up by my mind or dreaming?
A. The session lasts for nearly 3-3.5 hours. It is nearly impossible for any person to lie for such a long time and connect every dot in a sequential manner and answer every question in trance state. However, a therapist can always understand that whether the person is in a hypnotic state or not.

Q. Will I have any side-effects or should I take any precautions after the session?
A. There are no side effects and you can very well lead a normal life and follow your daily schedule after the session. There are no such issues.

Q. Any preparation before the session?
A. There are no such preparations required and it is recommended, that if it is possible, then follow a vegetarian diet for 1 day before the session.


The hand writing therapy and past life regression therapy, offered by Pradhika helped me a lot, during a troubling phase in life. As I progressed during the therapy phase I saw a marked improvement in my mental health. Pradhika is a thorough professional who understands her gifts and uses them very well.

By: Name withheld on request

I am undergoing handwriting therapy session under her and its beep 3-5 months since I am writing for my hidden issues it feels great to be relieued of my problem.

By: Name withheld on request

After getting handwriting analyses and handwriting therapy from Prakhika, I felt change in myself and my attitude towards my work, my day to day activities also changed drastically.

By: Name withheld on request


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