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It is a proven fact that the problem of any nature enters the mind and the sub-conscious before it shows up on the body or regular life. If the inner working of the mind can be studied and these problems identified, it becomes easy to resolve them before they affect your outer self.

Study of the inner mind also reveals the true reasons for the problems you are facing in business, studies or life so that you can correct them and get rid of your bad situation easily. I use handwriting analysis, numerology, tarot card reading and colour therapy to identify the real reason of your present performance. Once the root cause is taken care of, you start seeing improvements in all aspects of your life, resulting in much better quality of life.


I, Anjali Poddar aged ten years studying in class VI got my handwriting analysis from her. She dignosed all my problems both physical and psychological. Now, I am undergoing handwriting and color therapy under her and feel a great change within me as well as improvement within 2 months only.

By: Anjali Poddar

I am Raghav Binani, student of 2nd year, B. Com.(hons). I got my handwriting analysis done from her which was completely true in my case regarding my problems in life and areas where I was facing the problem. After my analysis, I started my handwriting therapy along with color therapy and now my concentration level has increased in my studies, getting better results in my academic, have controlled my anger, and leading a better life than before.

By: Raghav Binani

I am Anand Binani, residing at Kolkata. I got my numerology done. I got strong calculation which I never got earlier from any other numerologists which said that I will get my older clients which which was clearly true in my case all my old clients are returning to me. My predictions regarding my hearts desire, Karmic lession etc. all were true.

By: Anand Binani

I got my handwriting analysis done from her. All the points said by her were 100% accurate. Besides from my handwriting, she diagnosed my wife's health issues related to medical problems which after getting tests done, were accurate and we both were unaware about it.

By: Laddu Gopal Poddar

Earlier my name was Rekha Poddar and she just added my husband's name's first alphabet 'L' in my name and also I did not change it officially and feeling many changes within me.

By: Rekha Poddar

Without changing my name, she said about me that a major change shall soon enter into my life which shall change my life for my betterment and which I was not expecting at all. And now telling the change and can expect life will get better soon.

By: Laddu Gopal Poddar

My problems and health issues diagnosed by her accurate which I was not knowing earlier. Now, I am doing therapy under her and feel that my life is now under my control and can handle situations in a better way. My self confidence has increased drastically.

By: Rekha Poddar

Whatever I wanted to know regarding my all unresolved questions, all turned out to be very true . She gives answers accurately to all doubtful questions and answers when I was unable to find any way out.

By: Anand Binani

By: Anand Binani

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