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Handwriting Analysis

What is Handwriting Analysis?

"Your mind knows it before your body does."

Handwriting analysis is also known as Graphology. By studying your handwriting, I am able to identify your true nature & medical condition. Many of these conditions have not yet appeared in your body or outer self. However your mind can already see this and I can see it reflected in your handwriting.

Nearly 98% of medical health problems are through our mind, be it depression or anything. Handwriting analysis helps identifying those ailments as well as gives you a way out to treat yourself.

Your handwriting can also reveal the reason due to which you are going through any kind of psychological issues. Be it hysteria, or schizophrenia, we have solutions for each and everyone.

Marital Compatibility

In its simplest form, we help forming a best compatibility match for the bride and the groom. If any couple is facing any kind of adjustment issues or going through divorce,, then handwriting analysis and its therapy can help them to keep the relation going.

How does it work?

You come personally to my office and give your handwritten sample in front of me. I analyse this sample as per graphology rules.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Can a child’s problem also be diagnosed through parents’ handwriting?
A. No. A child’s problem can only be diagnosed through his handwriting only.

Q. Can I know about my future through my handwriting?
A. No. It only reveals your current state of mind. For future, you need to go for numerology and/or tarot card reading.

Q. You will diagnose my problems through my handwriting and I am satisfied with it. But what after that to overcome through these problems?
A. Based on your problems, a handwriting therapy session can be started for 4 months, wherein, you will have to write 2 pages daily as I ask you to write and get it checked at regular intervals (weekly, fortnightly, etc.)

Q. I don’t know English. Can I write in my mother language?
A. English alphabets are always preferred for complete and accurate diagnosis. You don’t need to use English language, instead you can use hindi language and write the same in English.
e.g: Aaj tum kaha ja rahe ho? Main to ghar par hi rahoongi.

Q. I/ My family member don’t know writing or cant write properly. What should I do?
A. For such person, Color & Drawing Analysis is preferred. It will give same result as Handwriting Analysis give.


I, Anjali Poddar aged ten years studying in class VI got my handwriting analysis from her. She dignosed all my problems both physical and psychological. Now, I am undergoing handwriting and color therapy under her and feel a great change within me as well as improvement within 2 months only.

By: Anjali Poddar

I am Raghav Binani, student of 2nd year, B. Com.(hons). I got my handwriting analysis done from her which was completely true in my case regarding my problems in life and areas where I was facing the problem. After my analysis, I started my handwriting therapy along with color therapy and now my concentration level has increased in my studies, getting better results in my academic, have controlled my anger, and leading a better life than before.

By: Raghav Binani

I got my handwriting analysis done from her. All the points said by her were 100% accurate. Besides from my handwriting, she diagnosed my wife's health issues related to medical problems which after getting tests done, were accurate and we both were unaware about it.

By: Laddu Gopal Poddar

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